Opening of ICD Pavilion at Expo 2020

The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD) Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai opened today with a memorable, inviting, and enriching experience created by ALEC Fitout in partnership with Icaria Atelier and LMS.

This pavilion features eight nodules interspersed with relaxing and seating areas composed of natural materials. It is designed to give visitors a break from the overwhelming crowds and busyness in other areas.

Expo 2020 Dubai visitors will be taken on a journey to discover some of ICD’s portfolio companies at the ICD pavilion. These companies are Kerzner, DMCC, Emirates Global Aluminum, Dubal Holding, LINQ by ALEC, Emaratech and Dubai Global Connect.

Upon entering the pavilion, visitors can experience the world of ICD in an immersive yet relaxed environment around 1,350 square meters built around excellence, commitment, sustainability, integrity, and respect.

Through integrated natural elements and clever technology, the Expo Dubai ICD experience creates a visual narrative of the corporation’s story. Up to 189 people will be able to travel through the ICD experience per journey or 252 visitors per hour.

The ICD pavilion is an elegant bamboo structure that radiates light and movement. Visitors enter through an audio-visual waterfall aperture screening the ICD corporate identity.