Mr. Kez Taylor discussing the “Sustainability” story at Expo 2020 Dubai

Kez Taylor joined Construction Week at ExpoTalks to discuss ICD Pavilion’s sustainability story. The ALEC Group has been part of 22 projects at Expo 2020, contributing to connecting minds and creating a future. The ICD pavilion is built out of organic bamboo, as it is fast growing, flexible, sustainable, and strong. The bamboo represents the companies owned by ICD as intertwined to people’s lives in the UAE.

Our CEO has led the charge in leading the organization to new heights through innovation and sustainability. Our exponential growth can be attributed to Kez’s forward-thinking approach in how the organization should be run by managing employees, adapting to new technology, and encouraging the use of innovative strategies in projects.

Against this backdrop, Kez Taylor, CEO of ALEC, shares unparalleled insight into what it has taken to bring the Expo to life. He also shares the incredible experiences that visitors can expect, particularly from the ICD Pavilion.

A modular home built by LINQ Modular, is showcased at the pavilion, highlighting the future of construction in a sustainable matter. When visiting this pavilion, guests will see all the assets of ICD, the modular home, as well enjoy a refreshment at the lovely café.