Fit For Digitization

Design Middle East

Laurent Farge,general manager at ALEC FITOUT, comments on how digital transformation is the key to success in the future and how a solid crisis management plan must be put in place for uncertain times

Many projects across the region will suffer delays due to COVID-19. The ALEC FITOUT operational teams are working closely with clients and consultants on a project-by- project basis to mitigate time impact wherever possible.

Amid the outbreak of coronavirus all over the world, digitization is gaining prominence and is crucial for innovation. A large majority of players in the industry today recognize how digitization is affecting every part of their business too. ALEC is driving a number of initiatives to accelerate its digital transformation.

Companies have to have a solid crisis management plan in place to be prepared for all scenarios. A dedicated crisis team and a solid structure to support them is very crucial. Last but not the least, develop and implement different tools and technologies to help your employees and your whole supply chain navigate through this challenging time.