Construction Titan, Kez Taylor

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ALEC has consistently evolved and grown over the last 20 years to become a trusted partner to execute complex and iconic construction projects. We build and provide construction solutions to exceed our clients’ expectations for quality, safety, functionality, and aesthetics.

For the past two decades, Kez Taylor, CEO, has led the charge in taking the organisation to new heights with his forward-thinking approach.

The exponential growth is due to Kez’s forward-thinking approach in how the organisation should be run, from employee management, adapting to new technology, and encouraging the use of innovative strategies in projects.

2020 will forever go down as the year of COVID-19. The pandemic has made a systematic shift in how the world operates. The pandemic has been impacting construction and engineering projects worldwide in numerous ways, and many projects have been stopped or delayed as a result.

However, we have seen a different result thanks to our digital transformation, which began well before the COVID-19 crisis. There seems to be a clear correlation with companies that have a robust digital infrastructure being able to navigate through this. During 2019, we implemented numerous digital initiatives to become more efficient, sustainable, and transform the construction industry. These implementations provide maximum safety for employees and ensure productivity and enhanced collaboration during the pandemic.

Of course, the key component in ensuring that we were prepared was Kez and other senior management leaders’ involvement.

“ALEC reacted to the crisis very early and put great effort into drawing up ‘what-if’ scenarios with detailed strategies behind each. We moved directly to an online digitized tracking and management platform that allowed us to keep control of all cases and their contacts ensuring we were able to look after our people as well as communicate in real time. A dedicated, senior level crisis team met daily discussing the changes in the situation and adapted our strategies on the spot,” said Kez.