ALEMCO wields mighty weapon to cut through COVID-19 challenges

MEP Middle East

‘What if’ can be a viewed as a double-edged sword – but ALEMCO (a subsidiary of the ALEC Group) has wielded it as a mighty weapon throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

While many firms in industries across the world have suffered by being reactive to the current climate, the contractor has adopted a proactive approach to the crisis.

ALEMCO reacted to the crisis very early and put great effort into drawing up ‘what-if’ scenarios with detailed strategies behind each.

We moved directly to an online digitized tracking and management platform that allowed us to keep control of all cases and their contacts ensuring we were able to look after our people as well as communicate in real time. A dedicated, senior level crisis team met daily discussing the changes in the situation and adapted our strategies on the spot.

To guarantee the safety of all employees, the team developed ‘the COVID-19 online register’ providing our Health and Safety team with primary information for both staff and laborers.

ALEMCO is focusing on a digital transformation to improve efficiency, sustainability and to transform the MEP Construction industry. These implementations are providing maximum safety for employees as well as ensuring productivity and enhanced collaboration during the pandemic.